Mid Direct specializes in Internet merchant accounts; Mail order & Phone order (MOTO) merchant accounts, Retail, Offshore Accounts, Call Centers, Canadian, and UK merchants, also Hard to acquire merchant accounts!

If you have been declined a gateway in the past, or know of declined merchants that you may refer to us, Mid Direct can place them!! These issues may have been due to bad credit, high risk industry, or simply businesses that cannot be placed. Mid Direct has the solution!

High Risk Merchants

  • High Volume, Telemarketing
  • Adult, Travel
  • Pharmaceutical, Travel
  • MLM And More…

Low Credit Merchants

  • 98.9% approval
  • Low credit score
  • Bankruptcy & Foreclosure
  • New credit accepted

International Merchants

  • Multi currency
  • USA Base Support
  • Secure Virtual Terminal
  • Unlimited Volume

Mid Direct provides high risk merchant accounts for businesses in high-volume industries, high-risk industries, owners with poor or bad credit, offshore or international needs, and many other circumstances that limit a company’s ability to perform credit card processing. Monitor transactions as they are recorded and maintain the highest levels of security for your business.

Mid Direct merchant processing services will allow you to accept credit cards and payment within 48 hours of your application and approval. Signup today to get started.

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